Differences between Commercial and Residential Inflatables

Picking out the right Inflatable can be an important decision for any buyer. Whether you’re wanting a bounce house, moonwalk, jumper, or a bouncy castle, there are thousands of varieties and sizes in the market today at competing costs. At KUOYE Inflatables we’d like to answer the major questions you have in-order to find the right bounce house. The first step to buying anything is knowing the purpose of your purchase. We recommend buying Inflatables based on how much use you want out of your unit, whether its buying an Inflatable for a one time birthday party or for a rental business. There are two types of Inflatables, commercial & residential. Residential Inflatables are bounce houses you find in large stores such as Walmart & Toys-R-Us which tend to be cheaper in quality & cost, while commercial grade Inflatables are manufactured by companies like KUOYE Inflatables which have longevity and are durable. Below we’ll list a few differences to consider when purchasing either commercial or residential.

Material: Oxford Cloth Fabric, no plastic coating for repairs and continual useMaterial: Commercial Grade PVC Vinyl
Size: About 3 feet to 15 feet long (1 meter to 4.5 meters)Size: About 10 feet to 80 feet long (3 meters to 25 meters)
Number of Riders: About 2 – 4 at a timeNumber of Riders: About 4 – 10 at a time
Life of Inflatable: About 6 months – 1 yearLife of Inflatable: About 5 years – 8 years
Warranty: Limited Warranty, usually about 3 monthsWarranty: 1 Year Warranty
Business Purposes
Good for Rental Company Use? NO
Good for Indoor Center Use? NO
Business Purposes
Good for Rental Company Use? YES
Good for Indoor Center Use? YES
Safety Features
Slide Stopper: Usually not included
Top Cover: Not included
Inflatable Walls: Not high enough
Blower: Low pressure & fragile
Safety Features
Slide Stopper: Usually included
Top Cover: Included and usually removable
Inflatable Walls: High and sturdy walls
Blower: Commercial Grade Heavy Duty & high pressure
Anchors: Plastic Stakes
Repair Kit: Flimsy, not really usable
Tarp: Not Included
Slide Linings: Not removable, if it becomes worn out, than product becomes unusable.
Anchors: Metal Stakes
Repair Kit: Includes Industrial Glue and Vinyl Material
Tarp: Industrial Tarp
Slide Linings: Include removable slide linings for easy replacement and upkeep.

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