Warranty Services

Warranty Services:

A. Inflatable games (such as bouncers, slides, combos, obstacles, etc.) come with 2 years warranty. Customized advertising inflatables (such as air dancers, arches, etc) come with 6 months warranty.

B. Air blowers come with 1 year warranty.

C. We’ll match each product with a patch kit which includes glue, supplement PVC materials, etc.  Note: glue is not allowed to be shipped by air.

D. Since this Warranty applies to manufacturing defects, it does not apply to damages caused by: neglect or lack of maintenance, improper or abnormal operation.

How to Claim Warranty Services:

Please read the following information to make sure the damage you have is covered and within Warranty stated time frame.

a) If the damage is valid per the Warranty, please take digital photos clearly displaying the nature of the damage and email them to [email protected] or to the sales representative you are in contact with, along with detailed description of the problem.

b) If the product is not badly damaged, you can repair it by yourself with the patch kit according to the repair instruction in the owner’s manual, and we will be happy to guide you through if there’s any problem.

c) If the product is badly damaged, you can use the repair service in your local area, and we will negotiate with you on the repair fee and give compensation to you accordingly.

The patch kit looks like this:

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